So caring and friendly. Had a fantastic experience and would recommend to anyone. They are so patient and kind with humans and animals. When I could not afford one solution, they understood and came up with another solution. So happy I ended up here and would go back if the circumstances presented themselves. — Kathleen Haggerty

sophie“We wanted to say thank you for all of your compassion you gave us at such a difficult time. Thank you for your honesty and support in making the right decision for Sophie. She will live in our hearts forever.”

My dog not a big fan of people and they just showed him so much love. They made me feel so much better after bringing him in. Super friendly to humans and animals! ~~Tracii Malewski

They are the nicest people I’ve ever met at a Animal clinic!!! My kitties Romeo and Juliet had passed away 2 years apart. I took them both here and the staff each time treated my babies with care and respect as if they were still alive!!! I appreciate this more than they may realize!!!! You are all so awesome!!! Thank you from the bottom of my soul for making two of the worst days of my life a little easier with your thoughtfulness and caring!!! Keep it up and again thank you!!!! ~~ Tammy Nelson

So compassionately the staff was with our 9+ year old Border Collie as he ended his illness two days before Christmas 2014. The staff was so kind and patient as these heartbroken owners held our dying dog. He was treated so tenderly and repectfully. While this was not our vet…the 3am goodbyes were dignified and repectfully handled by the staff. Thank you for your genuine hearts of gold…the bereavement card received days later was validation of our loss and the solace his memory has provided us in the days after.

Thank you
Parents of Rohin Delegans

My pitbull got ahold of an ear of corn on the cob last night, which can cause blockages and lead to surgery. Thank goodness we went here, they were able to get him to vomit it up preventing him from needing a surgery that would’ve cost $2-3k. ~~ Elissa Amato

Took my Abyssinian cat here when he developed an infected aural hematoma. They were very caring and gentle with him and got him patched up and infection under control with an injection instead of giving me pills to try and force down him. For those of you cat owners you know how difficult pilling a cat is. Also for an emergency clinic they were surprisingly reasonable on their prices. More reasonable than most clinics regular daytime prices. Still shaking my head over that one, perhaps I found a clinic that actually cares more about the animal than gouging the panicking pet parent…..
It was a bit of a drive but if I ever have need of after hours care they’ll most definitely be my first choice. ~~Julie J.

WONDERFUL!!! The staff here is the best so compassionate and caring, our furry four legged family was at different animal emergency hospital in wheatridge who were horrible and uncaring and had literally given up on him after we spent over 6,000 told us there was nothing they could do and to think about putting him to sleep, Needless to say we said absolutely not we are not giving up on him and took him straight to access hospital they saved our furry family friend with love, compassion, they were the best they even sat in his Kennel with him, and loved him like their own and they let us visit as often as we wanted and as long as we wanted. After 1 week in their care we were able to take him home and 7 months later he is still thriving ,Thanks to the Access Critical Care staff They are truly the Best. They gave our boy a second chance, and never gave up on him! ~~ Angie A.

This is not a “regular” clinic – they do not provide routine health care for your pet. They are there 24/7 to help you when there is an emergency, when your own vet is not available. My son and I went here on a late Sunday afternoon to have our dog euthanized. She had been diagnosed with cancer and was in respiratory distress. Because we lived in different cities and had different work schedules this was our only choice. The staff was incredibly kind and compassionate. The fee was less than expected. This is what emergency care should be! ~~Catherine B.

Thanks so much to the folks at Access! My little dog got a bone stuck around his lower jaw and I called them thinking I would need to take him in tonight to get it removed. However, the person who answered the phone consulted with the vet and told us a trick that got it removed easily. Thank you guys so much! We were in such a panic and our poor puppy was scared! They helped us right away and saved us a trip to the ER! Thanks for the help!! We are very grateful (and our little one is too!) ~~ Donna T.